plateServed twice a week at each Senior Center. Lopez Island has lunches on Wednesday and Friday at Noon. Orcas Island 3x weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and San Juan on Monday and Thursday. Shaw Island has lunch on the last Wednesday of each month. Hot and frozen Home Delivered Meals are delivered to the home-bound each Wednesday and Friday. Each meal costs $7.50 to prepare. Please donate what you can: suggested donation is $5.00 for those over 60 and $6.00 for those under 60. No one will be denied lunch for inability to pay.

Lopez: 468-2264
San Juan: 378-2677
Orcas: 376-2677

Transport to Lunch: On lunch days for San Juan, Orcas and Lopez, there are vans available to provide transportation. Suggested donation—$2.00

Home Delivered Meals: Lunches are available for the home-bound and can be delivered twice weekly. Call the Senior Services Office before 10AM to arrange: 360-468-2421. If no answer, call again. Kelli might have her gloved hands covered with food.

Suggested donation is $5.00 per meal.


Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support referrals

Trained volunteers to help support mem-bers of the Lopez Island community that are dealing with temporary, chronic or terminal illness. Also a resource for medical equipment. Call Senior Services 468-2421 or Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support 468-4446.

Information & Assists

This program will help you find needed information about services, community re-sources and issues of concern to older adults.

Case Management

Referrals to Medicaid, Island Hospital Home Health and Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support case management are available to assess and offer options for those in need.


Please call the Senior Services Office at 360-468-2421 for more information. Up to 13 days a month subsidized time off for family care givers.

Senior Trips

busOff-island medical appointments on Tuesday, and Thursdays. Suggested donation $25.00 for all destinations Please call a week in advance if possible so we can schedule our driver. Please schedule your appointments as early in the day as possible so we can make reservations to return to Lopez on the 12:35p or the 4:30p ferry. Thank you!

To schedule off-island medical trips, we ask that you pay attention to the current ferry schedule and schedule appointments between 9:00 to 10:30am in order to make the 12:35pm ferry from Anacortes back to Lopez. Afternoon appointments need to be made from 12 noon to 3 pm to make the 4:30pm ferry from Anacortes to Lopez.. We are making reservations for these trips so it is very important for you to know approximately how long your appointments will take.

Suggested donation $25 for all destinations.

These trips will be in the Anacortes and Mt Vernon–Burlington area. Please call Senior Services (468-2421) at least one week in advance so that we may schedule a driver. Bellingham or Seattle is possible if we can find a driver.

If you are planning an appointment at Peace Island Hospital/Medical Clinic in Friday Harbor, they will pay for taxi service with The Round Towner Taxi (298-4434). This service allows patrons to walk on the ferry at Lopez and then take the taxi to Peace Island Hospital/Medical Clinic.



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